Spray paint for Xiaomi scooter 375ml

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Color: Dark gray for Xiaomi scooters. Special color for the chassis, rims and engine covers as well as areas with the same tone as the chassis.

Ideal for removing scratches.


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For use it is recommended:

1 - Sand the area where the scratch is a little (if it is superficial it is not necessary)
2 - Shake the spray vigorously before pouring the paint
3 - Spray at a minimum distance of 15cm from the surface to avoid drops and jets of paint
4 - Wait 10 hours for complete drying. For quick drying (2 min) blow with a dryer or hot air gun for a few seconds until we see that the tone of the paint lightens.
5 - Before storing the spray it is advisable to thumb the duct. To do this, turn over and spray a surface for a few seconds to expel the paint from the tube.

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