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Ecommerce rules

These E-Commerce Rules (hereinafter referred to as the "Rules") are binding and integral to the contract of sale concluded between the our company Homero UAB (Company code 304936081, EU VAT number LT100012247512) and Homero UAB client (hereinafter referred to as You) part of the Terms and Conditions of Purchase and Sale of Shop Items and Establishing Homero UAB and Your Rights and Obligations Relating to Purchase and Sale of Items in the store.

I. General Provisions

1. Use e-shop services are entitled to:

   1.1. at least 18 years;

   1.2. minors between the ages of fifteen and eighteen years only with the consent of their parents, adoptive parents or guardians, unless they have self-employment or scholarship;

   1.3. legal entities;

   1.4. authorized representatives of all the above.

2. If you want to use e-shop service, you must register. Registration is deemed to have taken place and is valid when you electronically submit information about yourself and proceed to the next step.

3. Personal data you provide (name, address, phone, email) store and managed in accordance with 2016. April 27 Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data and repealing Directive 95/46 / EC. and the "Privacy Policy" described in Appendix 1 to these Terms.

4. Prices of goods indicated in e-shop items catalog, is only valid when purchasing these items via e-shop. Product prices are listed inclusive of VAT. Shipping costs are not included and are indicated separately when ordering. The delivery cost is clearly stated to you prior to the order confirmation and is highlighted in the order confirmation itself.

5. The Purchase and Sales Agreement between you and Homero UAB (Shift.lt) shall be deemed to be concluded from the moment when you have made a shopping cart, indicated a delivery address, selected a payment method and are familiar with (after reading the button “I agree with the Rules”) By rules, you press the "Next Step" button. The contract concluded electronically between Homero UAB (Shift.lt) and You is protected by e-shop in store and may be available to you electronically.


7. You can select and order any item from e-shop goods catalogs.

8. You use the e-shop, you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions.

9. You must provide complete and correct details in the store registration form. If your personal data changes and we are not informed, you will bear all risk of loss.

10. You are responsible for all actions you take through the e-shop.

11. The same person is prohibited from registering and using e-shop services by multiple names.

12. You must be at the specified location, time and place to receive the ordered goods.

13. You agree not to transfer your registration and login details to third parties. If you lose your login details, you must immediately notify Homero UAB (Shift.lt) by email info@shift.lt. Homero UAB (Shift.lt) is not responsible for the actions of third parties using your login data until the moment of notification. In this case, Homero UAB (Shift.lt) has the right to consider the actions was made by you in the store.

14. Homero UAB (Shift.lt) is not responsible for the actions of third parties, who, after using your banking system, enter into purchase and sale agreements using e-shop services.

15. In order to provide you with a full service on our site, please allow cookies (cookies) to be stored on your computer (device). We will use the information we record to identify you as a previous user of the site and to collect statistics on site traffic. You can view what information (cookies) we record at any time, and you can delete some or all of your cookies. You also have the right to object to the recording and use of information (cookies) on your computer (device), but in that case some features of the site may not be accessible to you. You may revoke your consent at any time by modifying your Internet browser settings or by contacting us through any of the contacts posted on the site.

III. Rights and obligations of Homero UAB (Shift.lt)

16. If false, inaccurate, misleading or incomplete information is provided during the registration process or later, or you fail to comply with any other obligation under these Rules, Homero UAB (Shift.lt) shall have the right to immediately cancel the registration and delete your data or restrict your right to use the e-shop services. You are solely responsible for the consequences of incorrect information you provide.

17. Homero UAB (Shift.lt) reserves the right, without prior notice, to suspend or terminate your registration and use of e-shop services if Homero UAB (Shift.lt) have reason to believe that you are engaging in unauthorized activities or otherwise attempting to compromise e-shop operation or stable operation.

18. Homero UAB (Shift.lt) undertakes to create all conditions for you to use e-shop services.

19. In case of unforeseen circumstances, Homero UAB (Shift.lt) undertakes to offer you an analogous product, unable to deliver the ordered product. If you refuse to accept an analogous product, we will refund you within 72 (seventy-two) hours if you have made a prepayment.

IV. Payment for goods

20. You can pay for the goods:

   20.1. cash at the store or courier;

   20.2. using the bank's online banking systems;

   20.3. advance bank transfer;

   20.4. hire-purchase (leasing);

   20.5  Paypal.

V. Goods Delivery Fee

21. Delivery fee depends on the shipping method and starts from 3EUR.

22. DPD and other fast delivery courier prices start from 15EUR.

VI. Delivery of goods

23. Upon acceptance of an order, the goods shall be loaded in a warehouse in Lithuania, Homero UAB (Shift.lt) undertakes to deliver the ordered goods after payment to the address indicated in your order in the territory of Lithuania:

   23.1. within 4 (four) business days, paying for the goods in accordance with clauses 20 (20.1-20.4) of these Rules;

24. When the order is received and the goods are loaded in a warehouse located abroad, Homero UAB (Shift.lt) undertakes to deliver the ordered goods after payment to the address indicated in your order in the territory of Lithuania or foreign country:

  24.1. within the time period agreed individually and specified in the order confirmation, paying for the goods in accordance with clauses 20 (20.1-20.4) of these Rules;

25. Goods will be delivered by Homero UAB (Shift.lt) authorized representative. Once you sign the consignment note, the consignment is deemed to have been properly delivered.

26. You must check the condition of the item at the time of delivery with our authorized representative. If you notice a shipment violation, you must mark it on the consignment note and write down a free-form shipment violation report. If you sign the consignment note without comment, the consignment is deemed to have been handed over in good order. If the delivered item does not contain any parts or documents (eg warranty card, etc.), you must inform Homero UAB (Shift.lt) administration immediately.

  26.1. If you do not arrive at Homero UAB (Shift.lt) to collect the item from the store at the specified time, it will be stored for a maximum of 30 (thirteen) days, and due to its new collection time must be agreed in advance with Homero UAB (Shift.lt) administration. If you are late in collecting the item for more than 30 (thirty) days, Homero UAB (Shift.lt)t will send you a notice of intention to terminate the purchase and sale agreement within the next 7 (seven) days. If you do not respond to the warning, Homero UAB (Shift.lt) will terminate the contract of sale, deduct from the money paid for the item its storage costs, which may not exceed € 14.48, and return the remaining amount to the bank account you specify.

27. Shipping costs indicated in the shop are not included, they are indicated as provided in clause 4 of the Rules.

VII. Warranties of Goods

28. All goods are subject to the manufacturer's own warranty periods. The warranty period is stated on the warranty card issued to you or on an equivalent document.

29. In case of defective goods during the warranty period, repair shall be free of charge.

30. In the event of a defective product, you may request a warranty repair by calling +370 62996655 or by contacting the Warranty Repair Service(s) listed on the warranty card.

31. When submitting the item for repair, you must present a valid product warranty voucher and proof of purchase (invoice).

VIII. Returning the goods

32. More than 14 (fourteen) days from the date of delivery of the Goods, the Return shall be subject to the Retail Regulations of the Republic of Lithuania.

33. When a defective product is returned, Homero UAB (Shift.lt) undertakes to accept the defective product and, if you do not object, to replace it with an analogous product. If you object to the replacement of a defective product with a quality product, we will refund your payment for the defective product within 72 (seventy-two) hours. In the event that it becomes apparent that Homero UAB (Shift.lt) does not have a similar item, you will be refunded within 72 (seventy-two) hours of this clarification.

34. The returned item must be fully assembled. You are responsible for completing the product. If the item is not fully completed, it will not be accepted for return.

35. In the event that you give notice of withdrawal from the contract of sale within 14 (fourteen) days after delivery of the goods (point 33 of the Rules), the goods must be returned in the packaging in which they were delivered. The packaging should be undamaged, clean, properly prepared and packed. In other cases, when returning goods, Homero UAB (Shift.lt) would like to meet the same requirements or make maximum efforts to comply with the specified requirements for packaging.

36. You have the right to withdraw from the contract of sale by notifying us in writing (e-mail info@shift.lt) within 14 (fourteen) days from the date of delivery.

37. To withdraw from the contract of sale, you must give written notice of withdrawal to the contact addresses specified in point 36 of the Rules within the term specified in the Rules. You will receive a notification of your withdrawal confirmation at the email address you provide. by email. If you do not receive confirmation within 10 working hours, you must contact Homero UAB (Shift.lt) by phone. Within 3 (three) business days of canceling your contract, you must telephone or email agree with the Seller the method of returning the Goods (all issues of picking up, shipping and other transportation to the location specified by the Seller). In this case, you must return the purchased Product that meets the requirements of the first and second sentences of paragraphs 34 and 33 of the Rules. If the contract is canceled, the money paid for the Item will be refunded within 5 (five) business days from the date of return of the Item.

38. You are not entitled to withdraw from a contract of sale if:

    38.1. Made any modification with the product, flashes other firmware if its electronic part, o made any visual modifications;

    38.2. You have damaged or substantially changed the appearance of the product; alterations to the appearance of the packaging which were necessary in order to inspect the product received shall not be considered as substantial alterations to the appearance of the product.

IX. Final Provisions

39. Homero UAB (Shift.lt) reserves the right to suspend, in its sole discretion, complete, amend these Rules and any other documents related to the Rules by informing you in the store news section. Additions or changes to the Rules shall take effect from the date of their publication,  from the date they are placed in the store system.

40. If you do not agree to the new version, amendments, modifications to the Rules, you have the right to decline them, provided that you lose the right to use the e-shop services.

41. If, after changing the Terms, you continue to use e-shop services provided by the store are deemed to be your acceptance of the new version, amendments, or additions to the terms.

42. Any disagreement regarding the implementation of these Rules shall be settled by negotiation. Failing agreement within 30 (thirty) days, the disagreements shall be resolved in accordance with the procedure established by the laws of the Republic of Lithuania.

43. You can submit a claim / complaint to the National Consumer Rights Protection Agency (Click Here) or fill out the claim form on the EGS platform (Click Here)

44. These Rules shall be governed by the law of the Republic of Lithuania.


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