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Inokim OX Eco

INOKIM OX Eco urban and offroad electric scooter.  

OX Hero model has 700W motor and 13Ah 48V battery which can last for up 58 km per single charge. 

In our opinion, Inokim OX Eco scooters are the best scooters in the PREMIUM scooter category. 

Please feel free to try it for free at SHIFT.LT shop at Vilnius, Kalvarijų g. 77.


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Easy to ride. The silent 800W brushless motor within the rear wheel and the powerful lithium ion battery allows the OX Hero to travel a distance of 60 KM and reach a speed of 45KM/h. The motor wheel is inspired by jet engines to reflect its power. 

There is a unique patent on the adjustable suspension system. The system allows the rider to alternate the suspension position: higher for larger suspension travel (rough terrain) and lower for better stability and higher speeds. The mono sided suspensions are distinctive in shape and color.

The design and styling are inspired by today’s SUV motor trend and reflect the OXs unique performance.

Main features:

Battery: 60V 13Ah

Max distance: up to 60 km

Motor: 800W brushless, gearless

Material: Aviation Aluminum-AlloySvoris: 26 kg

Max speed: 25km/h EU standard (unlocked 45 km/h)

Lights: YES

Charging time: 8h / 100%

Max load: 120 kg.

Front brakes: Drum brakes

Rear brakes: disc brake

Colour: black

Warranty: 24 months


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