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Yes, OK, the town. But also the countryside, with its green hills and its dirt roads... why choose one place when you can reach them all? eB5 is the electric bike that copes with both asphalt and dirt roads with the same positive energy. The super shock-absorbed fork, the wheels with an increased thickness to increase the road contact surface area and make your trip even safer. Is that all? No, eB5 doesn’t stop there. Keep reading, there are big surprises in store.

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7 speeds so that you can be free to sprint or relax, relax or sprint - whenever you want. A handlebar with a new design so that, with its width, it can make your riding style comfortable and sporty. Two technical details that redefine your concept of freedom on two wheels.

No matter what the weather, the eB5 motor is designed to withstand water and frost and is suitable for every season and every trip you make. With its 250 W power it will always prove strong, safe, efficient. Look where it is installed: in the rear hub, a perfect location for direct power transmission and more dynamic riding.

The 400 Wh lithium-ion battery has an autonomy that will give you great satisfaction. When you need to recharge it, you won't waste any time: just remove the battery (it weighs less than 3kg), place it on the charger, connecting it to any electrical outlet, and in a short time it will recharge, ensuring you up to 80 km of autonomy. If you are in a hurry to reach your next destination, you can also partially recharge it: recharging for 15 minutes ensures 5 km riding with assistance level 1.

Do you want to get on and off easily even when you are elegantly dressed or wearing a skirt? Unisex, with its more inclined column, is the perfect frame for you. If you prefer the frame with a horizontal bar, choose the Man version. Either way, travelling with eB5 will be pure freedom and great fun.


250 W, Brushless; atsparus vandeniui ir šalčiui

Minimum motor life

100000 km (30 years if 10km are done each day!)

Motor location

Integrated to the rear hub

Bike computer

Yes (monitors battery charge, speed, distance, assist level)

Max speed

25 km/h

Max torque

40 Nm

Assistance levels

4 + unassisted mode

Special programs

Walk assist mode + Hill start support


Shimano – 7 speed


Lithium-ion, 400Wh, 36V, 9 Ah, full charge in 6 hours (80% charge in 3,5 hours)

Battery weight

2.6 kg (removable)


up to 80km


Holland (Unisex) – Holland Man (Man)


LED (front and rear)


1800x700x1160mm (length x width x height)


23 kg

Max load

120 kg (rider + additional load)


28 x 1 5/8 black aluminum double chamber


40-700 E.T.R.T.O with reflectors


Titanium grey, sand


2 years


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