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Askoll eB1 Plus

Design, technology, savings, eco-friendly, lifestyle, performance, beauty, fun. It’s all there. Get on the bike and enjoy the ride.

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    Askoll eB1 Plus

    Askoll eB1 Plus

    Design, technology, savings, eco-friendly, lifestyle, performance, beauty, fun. It’s all there. Get on the bike and enjoy the ride.

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    Fall in love with its attitude and enjoy life 100% with it. Thanks to the motor-assisted pedalling and the manual gear change, you can easily cope with flyovers, steep ascents and long journeys.

    The best thing is that, with the 5-speed gear, you can dart through the town and, at the same time, unleash your desire for cycle touring. It’s always there for you.

    Now that you know, challenge its technology even on more difficult terrains. It is in the most captivating challenges that you will discover that you can no longer do without the shock-absorbing saddle, as well as the adjustable handlebars.

    This applies in life and it also applies when you are on two wheels: there is no design without comfort, no comfort without design. That is why the ergonomic seat of the eB1Plus has been designed to respect your back, assuring an excellent posture. The contoured frame makes pedalling nice and comfortable for you, offering you an easy climb, whatever you are wearing.

    Enjoy the pleasure of travelling when you can choose between two frames: M, for riders of medium height, and L for taller riders. You’ll hop into the saddle with the greatest agility, pedal more fluidly, set your foot on the ground without losing the balance of your pelvis. That’s eB1Plus, always a match for you.

    The frame of the eB1Plus is available in two colours: titanium grey and sand. Strong or soft: what hint of colour do you want to give to your movement?

    Where is the electric motor? It is built into the front wheel and it is the motor, together with the 5-speed gear with integrated selector, that allows you to choose the pedalling rhythm. No difficulties, with eB1Plus there is only enjoyment.

    Recharging it is very fast: remove the battery (it weighs less than 3 kg) and connect it to any electric socket. It will be recharged in just a short time, guaranteeing an autonomy of up to 80 km. Are you in a hurry and you might not arrive in time at your destination if you don’t leave immediately? No problem. Recharging for just 15 minutes will be enough to travel 5 km with assistance level

    The battery is in hand’s reach, fitted perfectly into a housing at the front. Taking it out is very easy: take hold of the handle, pull it gently and carry it to the nearest electric socket. Really easy.

    The motor of the eB1Plus is reliable in any atmospheric condition: it does not fear the rain nor even sub-zero temperatures. It has a duration of more than 10,000 km. To understand what this means, make this comparison:

    100,000 km of your motor = a lifetime of 30 years for a cyclist who travels 10 kilometres a day, every day (including Saturday and Sunday!).

    Thanks to the on-board computer you can constantly monitor the state of the battery charge, the speed, the level of assistance and the residual travel (autonomy varies according to the level of assistance selected).

    Then there is the new “eco function”, which is activated automatically when the battery goes below 15%: if you are travelling in mode 3 or 4, you can continue your journey with moderate assistance, with the certainty of reaching your destination.


    250 W, Brushless; atsparus vandeniui ir šalčiui

    Minimum motor life

    100000 km (30 years if 10km are done each day!)

    Motor location

    Integrated to the front hub

    Bike computer

    Yes (monitors battery charge, speed, distance, assist level)

    Max speed

    25 km/h

    Max torque

    40 Nm

    Assistance levels

    4 + unassisted mode

    Special programs

    Walk assist mode + Hill start support


    Sturmey Archer - 5 speed


    Lithium-ion, 300Wh, 36V, 9 Ah, full charge in 5 hours

    Battery weight

    2.6 kg (removable)


    up to 80km


    Holland, made from aluminium; sizes M and L


    LED (front and rear)

    Dimensions (M size)

    1770x655x1095mm (length x width x height)

    Dimensions (L size)

    1840x670x1134mm (length x width x height)


    M: 22kg; L: 23kg

    Max load

    120 kg (rider + additional load)

    Wheels (M size)

    26" x 1 3/8 aluminum double wall

    Wheels (L size)

    28" x 1 5/8 aluminum double wall

    Tyres (M size)

    M - 37-590E.T.R.T.O with reflectors

    Tyres (L size)

    L - 35-700E.T.R.T.O with reflectors


    Titanium grey, sand


    24 months



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