Kontroleris + LCD ekranas QS-S4 36/48V 250/350W
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    kontroleris naudojamas suh QS-4 ekranėliu.

    Tinka ir 36v ir 48v sistemoms

    Apsauginės įtampos saubančios nuo baterijos iškrovų: 30V for 36V arba 40V - 48V sistemoms.

    Maksimali srovė: 15A

    Nominali srovė: 7A

    Maksimali galia: 500w 36v arba 700w  48v.

    Nominali galia: 250w 36v arba 350w  48v.


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    QS-S4 Settings Explained

    The QS-S4 is designed in such a way to be compatible with a wide range of electric scooters (and even e-bikes) that operate on different voltages, with different motors and tire sizes (among other things).

    For specific settings for your electric scooter (including factory default), lookup your scooter settings in our database.

    P0 — Wheel diameter.  P0 is used for computing speed and odometer by measuring the motor RPM.  If your speed isn’t being reported correctly, P0 is likely the culprit.

    P1 — LCD brightness OR Battery voltage protection. Depending on your scooter this setting will control something either as benign as the LCD backlight brightness or the critical battery voltage protection.

    P2 — Display units OR Motor poles.  Depending on your scooter, this setting will control whether units are displayed in imperial (mph) or metric (kmh) or the number of poles in your motor.  Motor pole settings are specific to scooter models and necessary so that the controller drives the motor phases at the correct frequencies for best performance.

    P3 — Battery voltage. Typically sets the maximum battery voltage, and allows the display to correctly report remaining battery percentage.

    P4 — Display sleep time. Sets the timer for how long the display will remain on without activity before powering itself off.

    P5 — Zero start.  Enables or disables “zero start” feature which allows the scooter to be launched from 0 mph.  When disabled, the scooter must be rolling a low speed before the motor will activate.

    P6 — Wheel diameter OR cruise control. Either sets the wheel diameter (see P0) or enables/disables cruise control.

    P7 — Motor poles OR acceleration speed.  Either sets the number of motor poles (see P2) or is used to increase or decrease acceleration speed.

    P8 — Motor power OR regenerative brake strength.  Either sets the maximum motor power or controls the strength of the electronic brake.  For those trying to get the most performance out of their scooter, they’ll want to max out motor power.

    P9 — Zero start OR electronic brake strength.  See P5 and P8.

    P11 — Regenerative brake strength.  See P8.

    P12 — Acceleration speed.  See P7.

    P13 — Unused.

    P14 — Unused.

    P15 — Display sleep time.  See P4.

    P16 — Lifetime odometer reset. You can use this to reset the lifetime odometer.

    P17 — Cruise control OR Auto lights-on.  See P6 for cruise control. Controls whether lights automatically come on.

    P99 — QS-S4 reset. Resets all on the QS-S4 throttle.

    PA — Lifetime odometer reset. See P16. 

    PB — Display sleep time.  See P4.

    PC — LCD display brightness.  See P1.

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